What is WebSonic.io?

What is WebSonic.io?

WebSonic.io is a self-serviceable front end optimization service which allows you to accelerate your dynamic content loading (HTML, APIs, JS, CSS, DNS).

With WebSonic.io, you get a global CDN (Amazon CloudFront), an advanced caching-control mechanism, device detection logic on edge, and the ability to modify request/response headers on the fly.

Why teams use WebSonic.io?

No matter how complex your current website or application setup is, you can easily configure WebSonic.io for a faster page loading and quick API response time. Without writing any code or making changes in your existing infrastructure. A few benefits of using WebSonic.io:

  • Achieve better SEO results - Faster page load times will improve search engine rankings. This means your pages are more likely to appear higher in search results on Google and other search engines.

  • Optimize without code changes - Cache full HTML documents without making complex application code changes. By caching for anonymous users, you ensure every new visitor to your site has a fast first page load time and good first impression of your website.

  • Increase your conversion rates - Faster pages help you reduce bounce rates and increase both - the number of pages viewed per session, and conversion rates.

  • Reduce your hosting costs - By caching dynamic content in addition to static objects, a larger portion of your web pages will be served from cache, reducing the number of requests made to your web servers. The decreased load on your origin servers can deliver lower hosting costs.

  • Improve Time to First Byte (TTFB) - Caching dynamic content such as the full HTML document will dramatically improve load time and TTFB. TTFB is a crucial metric as it indicates when a page should be beginning to load, and thus, the potential for user engagement to occur earlier.