Rate limiters

Rate limiters allow you to define a rate limit. If request from any IP address exceeds the threshold specified in rate limiter rule, then it is blocked as per the setting.


We can block all the IP addresses for 86400 seconds which access https://www.example.com/* URL more than 1000 times in a 10-second interval.

Rule configuration

Rule configuration defines the rate limiter related settings. Example - the URL for which WebSonic.io will count the request. The interval window, block duration and request threshold.


There are few restrictions which you should keep in mind while configuration a rate limiter.

  1. URL - You can use a wildcard (*) in URL, but the hostname should be added in the configuration (under general tab).

  2. Request threshold - It can be an integer greater than 500.

  3. Interval window - It can be either 10, 300, 900 or 3600 seconds.

  4. Block duration - It can be an integer between 500 and 86400 (1 day).

Matching conditions

Matching conditions act as filters which define if a request should be checked for rate limit or not. For example to check all the request if they have exceeded the rate limits, we can create a matching condition like below: